Clyde Ellis Ensminger established Troy Elevator, Inc. in 1928.  Troy Produce, as it was known at that time, bought and sold farm produce including chickens, eggs, cream, and wool.  Some feed, bagged fertilizer, and seed were sold as well.  The business was located in Troy, Iowa, a small town in southeast Iowa.

Ensminger’s son, James, worked at Troy Produce while growing up and officially became a partner in 1952 after graduating from high school.  By the early 1960s, the fertilizer business was growing so along with the bagged fertilizer, chemicals were sold and a bulk fertilizer plant was built in Troy.  Troy Produce also began dealing in grain.  Land was purchased in Troy, and a grain elevator and storage bins were erected.  James’s wife, Carolyn, began working at the company in the mid 1960's, serving as the head bookkeeper.

In the late 1960's, a grain elevator and storage facility was purchased in Bloomfield, Iowa, and an anhydrous ammonia plant was built just west of Troy.  Soon after, a feed store was added in Bloomfield, and liquid fertilizer was added at the fertilizer plant.  In 1975, Troy Produce was incorporated under the name Troy Elevator, Inc.  Shortly after, a grind and mix feed mill and more grain storage were added in Bloomfield.

James and Carolyn’s son-in-law, Robert Newton, joined the business in 1980.  He became the manager of the grain elevator and feed store in Pulaski, Iowa, which was purchased in the mid 1980's.  Troy Elevator, Inc. began selling Kent Feed products in 1988 and focused on improving its feed business.  A grind and mix feed mill was added in Pulaski in the 1990's to help handle this increase.

Clyde Ensminger retired from Troy Elevator, Inc. in the early 1980's.  He passed away in 1995.  James became ill in the early 1990's and passed away in 1996.  Carolyn, with the help of Newton and her brother and long-time employee, Keith Smith, ran the company until 1999 when she was killed in an automobile accident.

Troy Elevator, Inc. was left in Trust. Robert Newton was named President of Troy Elevator, Inc., and Keith Smith was named Vice-President and Treasurer.   Faith Ensminger Newton, daughter of James and Carolyn, was named Secretary of the company.

In 2007, a grain elevator and feed store was purchased in Blakesburg, Iowa, located in Wapello County.  This purchase enabled Troy Elevator, Inc. to expand its grain buying and selling area.   Also, a historic building on the square in Bloomfield was purchased and renovated for use as a business office.  In March 2023, the office on the square was sold and the office staff moved to the feed mill located at 506 Weaver Road.

Troy Elevator, Inc. continues to buy and sell grain and now has a total storage capacity of 2,500,000 bushels.  It also remains a Kent Feed Dealer, receiving an Outstanding Sales Achievement Award from Kent Feed every year since 1988 as well as earning several Career Tonnage Awards.  Several other feed products are sold in addition to Troy Elevator's own bulk and bagged feed.

Currently,  thirty-five persons are employed year-round by Troy Elevator, Inc.  Many of these employees have been with the company for over 10 years.  The year 2024 marks Troy Elevator's 96th year in business.